TTIP – Green Question Time 2015

On 10th April we hosted a Green Question Time, attended by Steven Jackson (Conservative) and Angela Smith (Labour) and chaired by Paul Bridges.

Here is the question about TTIP:

What is your approach to the TTIP given it provides huge powers to corporations, causing a serious and significant threat to environmental standards – a race to the bottom?


Note: If you don’t know what TTIP is, there is some brief info and a full report by the Environmental Audit Committee.

Angela Smith for webLabour is not opposed to the principles of free trade or to TTIP but wants a broader approach to free trade. The TTIP could help economic growth but the detail is critical.

It could affect environmental standards, food and the NHS. I am concerned that corporations will be able to sue governments under TTIP at the expense of the environment, for example fracking in Quebec.

Labour is in favour of working within the EU, as it creates a single market for environmental standards. This should be a race to the top for standards, not to the bottom. Labour will not sign up to TTIP unless the UK standards for fracking are in place and not US ones which are much laxer.

Steven Jackson for webWe need to send out the message that the UK is open for business. But under TTIP we need transparency; the negotiations should not be in secret. The government has been put there by the public and so the public should know what is going on. The Conservatives support the trade aspects of it and will make sure it’s a race for the top for standards and not for the bottom.

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