Green Question Time

The environment is a vital issue for the next Government but often gets ignored in election campaigns. Issues such as planning, energy supply, climate change, agriculture and food, transport, water, biodiversity and pollution all have a great bearing on our lives .

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We have organised an election hustings, the Green Question Time, which will be the ideal chance to grill Penistone and Stocksbridge candidates about where they stand on issues before votes are cast.

Green Question Time is on Friday 10th April at St Andrews Church Hall, High St, Penistone (next to the library). Entry is free, the doors open at 6.30 pm for refreshments and the event will start at 7pm.

So far, two candidates have confirmed they can attend – Angela Smith (Labour) and Steven Jackson (Conservative). The candidates from other parties (Rosalyn Gordon, Liberal Democrat and Graeme Waddicar, UKIP) are currently unable to attend and give us their perspectives on environmental issues.

We held a similar event in the run-up to the 2010 General Election which about 50 people came to. We all went away feeling more informed about how different parties would act on environmental issues and what candidates would do locally to protect the environment.

The Green Question Time is open to everyone, and the chair will take questions on the night. Or, for those who cannot make it, questions can be emailed to The chair will be Paul Bridges, a member of the St Andrews Congregation.

Do you know where your election candidates stand on important environmental issues? What will the parties do to slow down climate change? How will biodiversity be protected? How will housing be made more sustainable? How can we provide the UK with enough low carbon energy? And how does protecting the environment fit in with other priorities?

What will you ask?