There is a huge amount of housing planned for the Penistone area and as a group we are concerned about the impact this could have on the local area.

Housing can mean areas that are important for wildlife are destroyed. Housing can also be built on agricultural land, which reduces the possibility of locally grown food, leading to more food miles and carbon emissions. Then the housing itself might not be energy efficient, could increase the risk of flooding and be built from unsustainable materials.

Even if the houses are built to the highest possible standards of sustainability and on suitable brownfield sites, there is still a limit to the number of houses that are appropriate, due to the existing numbers of schools, services, sewage systems, roads etc.

However, we do not think all housing is necessarily a bad thing. There is a housing shortage, and people who want to live in our area should be able to do so. This could be an opportunity to have appropriate, sustainable, affordable housing built in our area. If done well, it could increase biodiversity and showcase sustainable housing that is pleasant to live in with very low energy bills and a pleasant environment.

We are currently doing some research into housing and have put our findings below. We will also be developing an online survey to find out about your ideas on housing.

Penistone Friends of the Earth’s response to the Green Belt Review


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