We are developing a new project about hedgehogs. Look at the pictogram to the side here to see the dramatic decline in hedgehog numbers since 1950. This has several causes, but the 2 main ones are habitat loss and pesticides, including slug pellets.

We are grateful for a grant from the Round Table which will allow us to get the project started. Look out for survey postcards coming soon.

In the meantime, if you spot a hedgehog please email us at penistonefoe@hotmail.co.uk. It would be very helpful to know

  • when you saw it
  • where (postcode, grid reference or describe where you were)
  • what it was doing (feeding, running, nesting)
  • what was the┬áhabitat┬álike (garden, field edge, woodland, hedgerow)

Even if it wasn’t a recent sighting all information is useful. It is useful to know where there were hedgehogs a few years ago – but aren’t now. And also if you have seen one where you have not seen one before.