About Us

Penistone Friends of the Earth was established in February 2007 by a group of people from the Penistone area. We want to improve the local environment, help make the Penistone area more sustainable and campaign on environmental issues nationally.

We usually meet on the second Sunday of each month to do a practical activity such as managing one of our wildflower meadows, running a stall or taking another action. When we run stalls, these might not be on the second Sunday of the month and as the meeting place and time varies each month, please contact Rachel on 0794 7991727 to find out where we will be if you want to join us. We then head to the pub to plan our next activities and campaigns.

We do practical things such as planting wildflowers to provide suitable habitats for pollinating insects as well as campaigning to get policy changes that can make a difference to how all the vital systems needed to maintain our planet can be managed in a sustainable way.  Therefore we work on lots of issues such as climate change, energy, protecting and enhancing wildlife, waste, resources and water. But not all at once!

We are all volunteers and we aim to make our meetings and activities fun and appealing to everyone.


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